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Meet Our Professionals & Affiliates

American Flag       We offer you an opportunity to meet our people, if somewhat vicariously through this page. We’re proud of our people. Please click on each name below, read the biography, see the picture, and meet an authority.

      They are committed to helping you make your business succeed. They’re dedicated to perfection of their craft. In this information age, it’s nice to have someone you can always count on and trust. We’re here for you, ‘Doing Our Bit.’

  • Eugene Adrian Van Zelfden, Jr.
  • Karl A. Locker, CPA

  • Professional Affiliates:
  • Steve R. Smith, CPA
  • Thomas G. Umstattd, CPA
  • Robert A. Walker, CPA, Ph.D

  • "The winds and waves are always
    on the side of the ablest navigators."

    — Edward Gibbon

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