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      Here are some links to other websites you will find useful. Included are several Government Agencies where you can find a wealth of information. If there were any forms you could not find in our Important Forms section, then these sites will have any you might need to download.


Online Application - Form SS-4, Employer Identification Number (EIN)

   IRS Online Application - Form SS-4, Employer Identification Number (EIN),,id=102767,00.html


State and Federal Government Agencies

   Texas Secretary of State
   Texas Workforce Commission
   Internal Revenue Service

      Listed below are some important enterprises in the Austin Area. We personally know the people involved in these businesses and think very highly of them. It will be well worth the time it takes for you to pay them a visit.

   Wizard of Ads   
      Nicknamed "the Wizard of Ads" by an early client, Roy H. Williams and his staff have often been the unseen, pivotal force in amazing come-from-behind victories in the worlds of politics, business and finance. "David faced Goliath with nothing but his faith and five smooth stones," says Williams. "We like to think of ourselves as being among those stones."
      A lifelong student of the human race, Roy H. Williams is forever seeking to answer the question, "What makes people do the things they do?" The answers that he is discovering along the way continue to provide a wealth of practical knowledge and a constant source of entertainment for his students and friends on five continents.

   The Home Tax Legacy   
      The HomeTax Legacy program has been created and designed for Texas homeowners, age 65 and over, who would rather defer their homestead property taxes and redirect this same annual tax money to "Leverage their Legacy" in a way which will provide a large Income-Tax Free Gift to their children, family, heirs, school, charity or church.
      Here you will get an excellent overview on how the program can work for You and Your Family! You can also easily request Free, No-Obligation personalized quotes and Register to attend an educational Workshop or Teleconference with your neighbors!


Affiliated CPA Firms

   Bargsley, Andrews & Steinbach, CPAs, LLP
   Robert A. Walker, CPA, Ph.D.
   Thomas G. Umstattd, PC, CPA

"Pure mathematics is, in its way,
the poetry of logical ideas."

Albert Einstein

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